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The Guardian – ‘I’m going to change, why can’t my body?’: tattoo removal grows up

The Guardian chats with next level Clinic

Thanks The Guardian for chatting with clinic owner, Kylie about why she opened the luxurious Next Level Clinic tattoo removal located in the Sydney CBD.

From The Guardian [Extract]

As tattoos become commonplace, so has the once-pointy subject of their removal. But it isn’t all exes’ names and embarrassing ink that motivates people to part with body art. A tattoo’s permanence was once considered part of the package, equally a source of frisson-like appeal and finger-wagging peril. But as tattoo removal grows more commonplace, many of those associations are now in flux.

In recent years the laser removal process – which breaks up the ink into smaller fragments that can be spirited away by the body – has been embraced by many of the celebrities who helped cement body art’s 2010s pop culture ascendancy, from the Kardashians to the Osbournes. Recently, Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson set about scrubbing his famously inked frame – which spans the gamut from stoner gags to famous exes – in order to pursue more film roles.

In Sydney, the recently opened Next Level Tattoo Removal Clinic promises to combine tattoo removal with the experience of the ‘holistic wellness’ industry.

“I thought it would be nice to build a clinic that has this really lux, high end, soft like a day spa, relaxing vibe to it,” founder Kylie Hayden says of her clinic, where clients can expect a complimentary glass of “infused water” or Grey Goose vodka upon arrival, liberal amounts of numbing cream, and a “collagen elixir” after treatment.

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